Growth Hack for Business Websites to Drive Massive Online Traffic (Best 14 tips)
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Growth Hack for Business Websites
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Growth Hack to Drive Massive Online Traffic Towards your Business Websites for Print Shop, Apparel/Team Jersey Maker/Printers, Award Companies, Screen Printers, Digital Printers, Promotional Product Distributors, Embroidery Companies Website, Accounting, Animals and Pets,  Art and Design, Attorney & Law, Author, Automotive and Vehicle, Architecture, AutoCAD, Bars and Night Club, Business and Consulting, Children and Child Care, Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair, Community and Non-Profit, Computer and IT, Construction and Maintenance, Cosmetics and Beauty, Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Food & Drink, Fishing, Manufacturing, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Landscaping and Lighting, Photography, Physical Fitness, Real Estate, and Mortgage, Retail and Shopping, Sports, Translation, Tours and Travel, Wellness and Family Consultation Websites.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, it’s always a challenge to compete & drive quality traffic for your website. But it’s not hard or not a too easy process to beat competitor in World Wide Web. Herewith this topic, we’re going to share the growth hack for your website that can help you a lot to drive massive Google search traffic.


  • Focus on website design
  • Decide target keywords & write content
  • Distribute link on your niche
  • Use Google webmaster for better performance
  • Use Social Media for Content Distribution

With a proven record we’re going to share the best 14 tips that will help business owner & search engine optimizer to drive more traffic towards own or client websites. Let’s start with the following steps.

1. Focus on website design

Simply creating a website by own can’t help you a lot to find new customers in the competitive market. Many business owners are creating websites through builder sites like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, etc. You cont optimize or do nothing to the site. So for a better performance hire a professional or if you are a designer or coder give more hours to build a perfect website that your user will love.

2. Make home page short

The home page is incredibly effective in generating leads or sign-ups. Make it minimal with useful information about the company. According to research minimal and clear explained websites are better than other sites. Example of home page: Netflix or Dropbox.

3. Build landing pages

Landing pages are the entry point to your site. Make it more professional so that users will stay and view your web pages. Search in Google “landing page design ideas”. You’ll find lots of scopes to prepare it. Or follow your competitor’s website, get the idea & start working on it.

4. Decide 2 or 3 keywords per page

Only target 2 or 3 keywords per landing page, so that you’ll place meta section easily. Don’t add too many keywords to save your time. You’ll get the best result by adding target keywords only. To find effective keywords for your page use some tools like Keyword Revealer or Ahref.

5. Use H tags to highlight keywords

Use H1, H2 tags for heading & try to include keywords on it. This is a completely hacky trick for placing keywords on h-tags & meta parts. So while preparing content you need to think twice about it.

6. Post quality content for relative keywords

Don’t copy content from other pages or competitor sites. Each landing page you create needs to be 99% unique content. Place your keywords on your 1st paragraph & 1st sentence. Searching engines are crawling data from heading and 1st line sentences.

7. Make it error-free

Search engines love error-free websites. Whether you are a technical person or not; you just need to make it error-free (from broken links to code validation errors). You can take help from the developer to fix all errors from your site.

8. Focus on website loading speed

Optimize your website speed from hosting server to image & CSS, Js loading speed. Use tools like PageSpeed insights from google or Pingdom or Gtmetrix. These tools will inform you what causes & how to fix them for better website loading speed.

9. Distribute link on your niche only

Don’t use the massive backlink formula as it is dead. Before hiring someone check whether they are updated with the new search engine policy or not. You may use your own to distribute high-quality content on your niche. Target above 90 DA websites, and at least acquire 3 to 5 text backlinks per landing page.

10. Create Google my Business Page & Share Pages

Google my business one of the most powerful sites to generate automatic leads for your business. Create a business profile on it and make it 100%. Here is one hack that common people don’t know but you can get lots of views from content share. You may use your website content & landing pages or share links that you got from other sites.

11. Use Social Media for Content Distribution

Use social media sites like facebook, twitter, reddit, pinterest, scoopit etc. and share content, images & links that you got from other sites. SEMrush Said: Social media does not directly contribute to SEO ranking, but the links you share across social platforms increase brand exposure. They add up and influence search engine optimization in six directions: Extensive content distribution.

12. Collect some user information & email

This trick will help you to crawl your content instantly. Collect some user information and email your content link or landing pages. When your link & pages will browse from different IPs & location search engines take it seriously and crawl your content faster.

13. Use paid ads for few days

Use paid ads (display or search) for few days. As your content is new & you can’t wait a long time to crawl by search engine manually, so this trick will help you better a way to crawl content faster.

You may use point number 12 without investing money to crawl your content or if you don’t have time to wait then use number 13 for effective results.

14. Use Google Search Console (Webmaster tool)

Google search console one of the most powerful tools to use for rank higher. After implementation of the above 13 steps wait for few days and track backlink, link text & search performance from it. If you don’t know how to use the search console read here.

Now, all set & wait for impact. (Note: Repeat 9 to 14 each month to get rank higher on Google & other search engines.)


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Growth Hack for Business Websites
2 years ago   964 views
Growth Hack for Business Websites to Drive Massive Online Traffic (Best 14 tips)

Growth Hack to Drive Massive Online Traffic Towards your Business Websites for Print Shop, Ap...

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