The benevolence of Google Ads for businesses of any scale is already established and in the future, the importance of Google Ads is going to only increase.

Currently, 86% of customers find a local business through the internet and 74.52% of internet searches come from Google. These numbers make it imperative for businesses to invest seriously in Google Ads.

In the beginning, businesses might do well by handling Google Ads campaigns on their own but to exploit the potential of this opportunity hiring a Google partner agency is advisable. Hiring an agency not only saves time and other costs but also opens up new avenues of growth for businesses.

If the idea of hiring a Google partner agency still doesn’t sound convincing then go through these five points that reveal the benefits of tagging with a Google partner agency to propel your online business growth.

Better Understanding of Rules and Fewer Failures

Clients handling Ads and paid search campaigns on their own have to start from scratch and spend time and resources on figuring out the rules of the games.

Clients require considerable investment in terms of time and money to excel in the field of Ads. Plus the in-house team may be unaware of various issues and common troubles of this arena and it may result in committing a catastrophic mistake.

But using an agency to handle paid searches relieves clients from the risks of making mistakes as an agency handles the campaign professionally.

An efficient agency knows the rules of the game perfectly and is capable of managing paid searches without wasting much time.

An experienced agency prevents the client from making common mistakes and can offer valuable guidance to boost the campaign’s success.

In a situation where things don’t go according to the strategy, an agency can handle the trouble efficiently when compared with an in-house team as an agency is armed with experience and expertise in handling such cases. The agency is also more equipped in arresting the damage and repairing the leaks.

Chances of Beta Testing-

Agencies with a Google rep have a distinctive edge over clients that run their campaigns in-house. Having a google rep allows agencies to access a plethora of exclusive opportunities such as beta testing.

Google is relentless in updating its tools and methods and is always coming up with cutting-edge features to accommodate the latest industry developments. But before launching these features for the public, Google runs beta tests to check the functionality and effectiveness of these features.

To run beta tests, Google invites professional agencies as they fit the bill perfectly. These agencies also form a major pie of Google’s ongoing revenue and allowing them to run beta tests lures more agencies into enrolling their accounts with Google.

For clients, the chance to lay hands on cutting-edge tools and new methods before they are opened up for the public is a massive opportunity and it can end up making a critical impact.

In a highly competitive arena, perfecting a method and tool before the competitors give a clear head-start to clients. It allows them extra time to roll out their strategies and find their focus.

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Get a different and expert perspective-

Agencies cannot replace the institutional knowledge of a client but they have their own perks.

In-house teams that handle the Google Ads department tend to get rusty or mundane after a while. Exploring, researching, and executing strategies is exciting in the beginning but in the longer run, running the same process and repeating strategies may lead to sleepwalking.

Clients tend to get the feeling that they know everything about the market and audience and end up dragging old strategies beyond an acceptable period of time. This attitude can cost the campaign dearly.

But this is not the case with an agency. Agencies allocate a diverse team to handle an account which results in bringing together fresh minds and new perspectives. This leads to constant stimulation of ideas and keeps the campaign alive and running.

Agencies have industry experts in their arsenal who are armed with the extensive market knowledge and have dominance over a wider skill set. This expertise allows agencies to push the limit and create more opportunities for growth for clients.

An agency brings immaculate professionalism and discipline to the table and breathes new air into a mundane situation. Clients can make insightful decisions and plan effectively for the future by banking on the agency’s experience.

Agencies are multi-faceted and more efficient-

Running Ads includes more work than meets the eye. It involves seamless functioning of various departments and this is where agencies have an upper hand over in-house teams.

In-house teams have people who are experts in one area but these people often lack the necessary proficiency in other domains. A person who is a maverick when it comes to managing media may struggle to layout a CRPO plan while a person who is good with designing pages may fail to prevent sales leaks.

Finding a person in an in-house team who is a jack of all trades is next to impossible so clients generally hire vendors to look into a specific aspect of their campaign. This results in having umpteen numbers of vendors for the campaign who require constant guidance and mentoring.

On the contrary, a professional agency has experience running several departments successfully courtesy of its expansive pool of trained employees. An agency has the stronghold on all aspects of Ads and is able to sync all departments smoothly.

The agency performs all the dirty work of managing and juggling all departments simultaneously and saves the client unnecessary troubles.

Better stability-

An agency is more stable than an in-house team that handles paid searches.

A client has to invest time, money, and other resources to train members of the in-house team in domains related to Ads but these investments become void when the employee leaves the organization.

When the employee handling Ads leaves the organization, there is not only a loss of investment but also stalls the development of paid search campaigns and literally ends up freezing clients’ progress in this sector.

This is never an issue when a client uses an agency to manage Ads. Agencies bring stability to the campaign and are a long-term investment. Even if the employee in charge of managing the agency leaves the organization not much progress is lost as the agency is still in control of the media and other aspects. So, the pace and development of the campaign don’t get affected.

The process of evaluating, hiring, and training a new in-house employee to handle Ads is time-consuming and tedious. On the contrary, working with an agency is swift and convenient.

Hiring a Google Certified Ads Management agency is imperative for squeezing out the most from paid searches. The cost of tagging with an agency may raise some eyeballs but the investment is worth it as an agency brings with it a vast amount of experience, industry knowledge, and other perks.

The above-mentioned benefits are sure to come when a client hires the right agency for its paid search campaign. The key here is to understand the nature of work and to find the right agency which aligns with the client’s philosophy.

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